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Alfred Sedlak opened for business on February 14th, 1944. Al was a master shoe maker from Germany. He made work boots for wild land firefighters, ranchers, farmers and timber boots for loggers. He made each boot to each foot for the perfect fit. He had to. “You can’t make a living if you’re crippled up with bad feet”.

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What Our Customers Say

These guys are humble experts. I wouldn't come here for the cheapest shoes but if you want quality and value for money these guys are where it's at.
Alexander Chamberlin
Alexander Chamberlin
Kevin is the best, and the team here is just on their game. I've bought more Filson here over the years than any other location. Reasons are, it's locally owned, it's cheaper than anywhere else, and I'm treated with the utmost care. Great little shop!
Norman Songs
Norman Songs
I just picked up a pair or Chanel Ballet Flats that I had refurbished and I can't tell you how amazed I was with the quality of the work they did such a great! job of making these beautiful shoes look even better, the customer service was top notch and a great all around experience! Also this store sells shoes mostly hiking boots and comfort brands so highly recommend checking out this very nice store for your boot or shoes and any repairs you will not be disappointed.
Kimburley VanHaaster
Kimburley VanHaaster


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