About Us

About Us

We Don’t Sell Shoes Online

Sedlak’s opened for business on February 14th, 1944.
Owner Al Sedlak was a master shoe maker from Germany.
He made work boots for wild land firefighters, ranchers, farmers and timber boots for loggers.
He made custom boots to each foot for the perfect fit.
His famous saying was “You can’t make a living if you’re crippled up with bad feet”.

Although we no longer make custom boots we still follow that same guiding principal.  At Sedlak’s we thoroughly measure each customer’s foot and match them to a boot or shoe they love. 

Understanding your needs for style, function and comfort has been our mission for 80 years. 

Buy for Fit, not for Size

Shoe Fitting

Shoes today are made in many different countries around the world.  Brand to brand variation makes it difficult for customers to get a proper fit without help. Thanks to our many years of experience and use of industry standard measurement tools, we will find the right fit for your unique foot – regardless of brand or style.

Size vs. Fit

Shoes from Western Europe are sized differently than those coming from the Mediterranean.  Shoes coming from China are sized differently than those from South America. 

It’s common to focus on the size of the shoe instead of the fit. Sedlak’s Boots & Shoes provides comprehensive fitting services at no additional cost. We aren’t satisfied until you are comfortable in a boot or shoe you love. 

Size vs. Shape vs. Fit

Nearly all shoes are made on plastic or wooden forms called ‘Lasts’.  The Last is the first step in the shoe-making process, giving a shoe its form and shape. This Last is used to pattern and stretch the leather in the shoe making process. When the shoe is finished and the Last is removed you are left with a space in which to place your foot. 

Fitting a shoe properly addresses the shape of the shoe, the shape of the foot, the toe length, the smallest and largest portions of the foot, heel length and width, arch length and height, instep length and height, ball length and width, and the positioning of the foot when placed in the shoe.

Putting it All Together

When shape, size and fit come together you have a shoe that works with your unique foot.  Let us help you find a shoe you love that’s comfortable, stylish and won’t create problems for your feet down the road.

We now offer the GENEXT™

one-step foot-mapping service
Measure balance, pressure points and foot dimensions using the state-of-the-art GENEXT™ Advanced Mapping Technology. For a better fit, walk into our Corvallis store and get your complimentary personal foot-mapping diagnosis.
You owe it to your feet!